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stihl hedge trimmer HS 86R

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Current Price : $51.00

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 499762009436721750 stihl hedge trimmer HS 86R

Stihl hedge trimmer. Used and has wear and scrapes. Blade is about 31". I had it running a few months ago, good compression and spark, ran kind of like it was to rich, I didn't even try to retune ot clean the air filter because I had no use for it. I bought some saws and this was in the package. Blades need resharpened or replaced as seen in photos. Im listing this as a parts unit because there are way to many buyers that expect perfect items no matter how you describe or show wear and damage in photos

 499762009436721751 stihl hedge trimmer HS 86R
 499762009436721752 stihl hedge trimmer HS 86R
 499762009436721753 stihl hedge trimmer HS 86R

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